Securing a successful property tax appeal hinges on presenting comparables that accurately reflect your property’s value. This blog explores the less conventional, yet highly effective, methods to uncover comparable properties, providing a guide to harnessing untapped resources and strategies that go beyond the standard real estate search.

  1. Social Media and Networking Groups: Tap into local community groups or real estate forums on social media where residents and agents often share insights on recent sales or market trends, offering valuable leads on comparable properties.
  2. Accessing Public Records and GIS Systems: Utilize Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and public records to get detailed property information, including lot size, square footage, and sale history, which can be crucial for finding accurate comparables.
  3. Participating in Local Real Estate Events: Attend local real estate auctions, open houses, and community meetings to gather firsthand information and potentially discover comparable properties that are not yet listed on mainstream platforms.
  4. Exploring Development Plans and Permits: Investigate future development plans or recent building permits in your area, as these can indicate market trends and identify properties that have undergone similar improvements or changes.
  5. Collaborating with Academic Institutions: Connect with local universities or colleges with real estate research departments, as they often have access to comprehensive databases and can offer analytical perspectives on finding comparables.


Discovering comparables for a property appeal can be a sophisticated process that benefits from a blend of traditional research and creative strategies. By venturing into social networks, public records, local events, development projects, and academic resources, you can uncover a wealth of information that strengthens your appeal. This proactive and comprehensive approach not only aids in assembling compelling comparables but also deepens your understanding of the property market, enhancing your ability to navigate the assessment appeal process successfully.