The real estate industry has seen a significant transformation in appraisal methods over the years, with a growing question among homeowners: “Is it essential for appraisers to enter my home?” This concern has been amplified by the need for social distancing measures. Today, we explore the innovative and non-intrusive valuation methods that are revolutionizing home appraisals, ensuring accuracy without compromising on the homeowner’s privacy and well-being.

The Rise of Drive-By Appraisals

A drive-by appraisal is exactly what it sounds like: appraisers evaluate the property from the exterior, relying on curb appeal, visible maintenance, neighborhood condition, and available public records. This method is becoming a staple for lower-risk assessments and situations where an interior inspection may not be feasible.

Leveraging Big Data for Home Valuations

The digital age has equipped appraisers with powerful data analytics tools. By harnessing big data, appraisers can now accurately assess property values based on comprehensive market analysis, trends, and comparable sales — all without setting foot inside a home.

The Emergence of Self-Service Appraisal Kits

In response to the demand for less intrusive appraisal methods, some appraisal companies have started offering self-service kits. These kits guide homeowners through the process of capturing the necessary visual and descriptive information of their interiors, which appraisers then use to complete their valuation.

Virtual Appraisal Appointments: A Sign of Times

Appraisers are also turning to live video calls to conduct virtual walkthroughs with homeowners. This method ensures that appraisers get a real-time view of the property’s condition and unique features while maintaining a non-intrusive stance.


The paradigm of home appraisals is shifting, and the entry of appraisers into your home is no longer a rigid requirement. Through the adoption of external appraisals, data analytics, self-service kits, and virtual walkthroughs, the industry is offering homeowners and buyers innovative solutions that balance thoroughness with convenience and safety. These modern appraisal methods are reshaping the landscape, offering a peek into the future of real estate valuations that respects personal boundaries and adapts to the world’s changing needs.