As homeowners prepare for an appraisal, they might anticipate not only the valuation but also hope for insight into enhancing their home’s value. Officially, appraisers are not consultants; their job is to determine the value of your property as it stands. Nonetheless, there are strategies to utilize the appraisal process to identify factors that could lead to increased home value. This blog will discuss how to interpret an appraiser’s evaluation to uncover opportunities for home improvements.

The Fine Line Appraisers Walk

Appraisers adhere to strict regulations and ethical standards that prevent them from providing direct improvement advice, especially during the appraisal process. Their focus is on current value, not potential value after improvements.

Gleaning Insights from the Appraisal Process

Although appraisers cannot provide explicit advice on improvements, the appraisal process itself can be telling. Pay attention to which aspects of your home the appraiser spends time evaluating—such as the condition of the kitchen, bathrooms, or the HVAC system. This can hint at which areas might benefit most from upgrades.

Post-Appraisal Discussions and Market Knowledge

After the appraisal, some appraisers may be willing to discuss what features they’ve noticed tend to increase home values in the area. These discussions can offer generalized but valuable market insight that could guide future renovations.

Appraisal Reports as Implicit Guides

Your appraisal report is a wealth of information. It will list out the strengths and weaknesses of your home, compare it to similar properties, and often include the appraiser’s notes. Review it closely to understand what factors might be diminishing your home’s value.


An appraiser may not be able to provide direct advice on increasing the value of your home, but the appraisal process and report can offer implicit guidance. By understanding the key factors that appraisers consider and noting the details within your appraisal report, you can identify potential enhancements to pursue. This indirect advice, gleaned through observation and post-appraisal market discussions, can be instrumental in planning future home improvements that add significant value to your property.